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The Best Mountain Adventure Astro Camp in Southern California

Science camp is one of the most memorable events for students and often acts as the catalysts for transforming their understanding from purely book based academia to the practical real world of natural sciences. Mountain Astronomy Physics Survival (MAPS) Camp is the best mountain adventure astro camp in southern California.

Astro Camp School Programs

Mountain and Sea Adventure’s (MSA) new mountain camp program for schools is an ideal opportunity to immerse your students in the exciting world of natural sciences, where they get the chance to think and act like a field scientist for the entire duration of their camp experience. Our staff is passionate about imparting a personal love and appreciation for the environment and providing a well-rounded quality educational program for schools. Astro camp at Lake Arrowhead is the perfect opportunity to escape the city lights and see how incredible the night sky is with our high-powered telescopes and knowledgeable staff.

Coming to MSA’s astro camp is a rare and enriching opportunity that will inspire your students to broaden their horizons and gain a deep personal appreciation for hard sciences. One week at astrocamp can bring together a whole school year worth of information in a way that makes the concepts learned concrete and relatable. This is where the future scientists of tomorrow are born!

Astro Camp Activities

The very first activity your students engage in when they arrive at MSA’s astrocamp is an introduction to field journaling, where they are taught how to apply the concepts of the scientific method into their own personal research projects. Each class has a short lecture and then to gain first hand experience they are led through various outdoor educational activities. Astro camp has a wide variety of activities from physics, to telescope labs, and many fun adventure activities as well, such as a zip line and climbing wall.

Being surrounded by the beauty of nature gives your students the unique opportunity to develop an understanding for environmental stewardship, as well. Your students are led through several activities to help them learn about the various threats and challenges to the forest environment, as well as solutions and methods to protect our most valuable natural resources.

Astro Camp Cabins

The cabins at astrocamp are very large, sapcious and comfortable; including a large central meeting room and attached kitchen, and several large dormitories on opposites sides of the cabins. Astro camp should be both fun, educational and comfortable, and that is exactly what you receive when you check in!

Astro camp cabins are conveniently located adjacent to the dining hall and our lecture halls, so you won’t have very far to travel between activities. Just step out of your cabins and walk down a very short nature trail and you are there. However, the cabins are located in their own corner of the campus away from the hustle and bustle of programming, so when it is your turn to take a break you will enjoy the total peace and silence of the mountian!

Astro Camp Packing List

Before you arrive be sure to download our pre camp forms and packing list. Astro camp is located at an altitude of over 5,000 feet, so be sure to pack warm! Even in the early fall, the temperatures can reach below 50 degrees, meaning you will need a good jacket and hat to keep your body temperature warm. You are also advised to bring hiking boots, insect repellant and all your own toiletries and sleeping bag. For a complete list, be sure to download our information packet for teachers!

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