Outdoor Education

MAPS is strong on science! The minute your class arrives at camp they learn how to keep a field journal and how to apply the scientific method to collect and organize data, as well as how to develop their own hypothesis. Every class includes an outdoor activity encouraging your students to apply the scientific method in their own interactions with the natural world that surrounds them.


Environmental stewardship is a central theme in each of our classes and activities. There is no better way to develop a personal love and appreciation for preserving nature than to visit MAPS mountain camp and give your students a first-hand experience that will remain with them for life.

Coming to science is a unique opportunity to learn environmental education, which is a holistic, lifelong learning process directed at creating aware individuals capable of critical thinking skills, who identify and brainstorm solutions for environmental challenges, engage in problem solving, and take daily action to improve both our local and global environment.


There is no better way to learn about the wonders of astronomy than a visit to MAPS Camp at Lake Arrowhead. Far away from the city lights, your students are able to use telescopes to see with their own eyes the rings of Saturn, Andromeda, the Orion Nebulae and so much more!

MAPS Astronomy Camp empowers youth to discover the excitement of science, technology, engineering and math, while observing the dark skies of Lake Arrowhead. Your students have the unique opportunity explore the night skies with large telescopes and learn how to think like an astroscientist.


You students learn the principles of physics with several hands-on demonstrations, which they even learn how to apply towards calculating their own velocity during the zip-line activity!

Learning physics includes much more than memorizing formulas from a text book. It is about helping students to perceive their environment in a new way. It involves giving them the tools and structuring a learning environment where students are able to inquire, explore and understand how the world of physics works, and to begin applying fundamental concepts to their own personal lives.


Your students are trained to think like scientists the moment they arrive at camp. Our first lecture includes an introduction to field journals where they are taught how to use their notebooks to implement the scientific method into each and every activity.

The various outdoor activities structure the opportunity for your students to implement what they have learned during the short lecture to have their own first hand experience of the subject matter. One week at camp can integrate an entire school year of learning into a practical understanding and personal appreciation for the exciting world of natural sciences.